Why Catholic School? Why Us?

From the Desk of Our Principal

Dear Families,

Prospective parents often ask “What makes St. Patrick School better than other schools, both public and private?” I do not feel it is helpful to parents for me to post the advantages of Catholic education at the expense of other systems or individual schools. I believe a child can receive a good education at the many schools, both public and private. However, I think I can give a more helpful response if I focus on how our school is different than other schools.

St. Patrick School is a Catholic School. We teach students about understanding and enjoying faith. We also teach them to live their faith. Concepts like love, community, reconciliation, responsibility for self and others, generosity, tolerance and social justice are an integral part of our curriculum. More importantly, these values are observable every day in the interactions and attitudes among teachers, parents and students.

Our school provides faith-based education in a safe, nurturing environment with teachers who truly care about their students as positive role models and good friends. The St. Patrick School curriculum helps a child grow not only intellectually but also emotionally and spiritually. We focus on building self-esteem and encourage self-motivation and self-discipline with numerous opportunities for parents to play an active role in the education of their children. How all these factors come together and are expressed in the day-to-day interaction of the members of the St. Patrick community is what sets us apart from other schools.

At St. Patrick School we never lose sight of the importance of each child as we recognize each other as unique gifts from God. Therefore, every student’s potential to learn, grow and to make a difference is encouraged. We challenge the intellect, nurture the spirit and help the individual build character.

Our school does more than prepare our students for tests in the classroom – we prepare them for tests in life. At St. Patrick School, our school is a place where high academic standards meet high moral standards. We are a school where the values of respect and compassion are not only encouraged; they are expected. We are “like family.”


Dan O’Neal


School Year Update

We give thanks to God for yet another successful year at St. Patrick School and have much for which to be thankful:

  • Father Michael remains our greatest supporter. His efforts to view the school as part of the parish family continues to grow and strengthen. The parish supports our school as an integral part of its mission.
  • We have an excellent, experienced and dedicated staff and faculty.
  • Our overall enrollment is up and at 214 for the current year. Preschool remains full with a waiting list.
  • Last year students raised $4,500 for Mary’s Meals Program. This Lenten Season, students are raising money for the homeless children served by Father Joe’s Village. These projects help children develop an understanding of working to assist the poor and needy members of our global community.
  • The St. Augustine Foundation awarded St. Patrick School a grant of $25,000, providing resources to purchase 30 additional iPads with a cart (for a total of 60 at our school), a designated laptop and professional development for our staff. The Morrin family generously donated $5,000 to fund the installation of projectors in rooms 6 and 7, thus reinforcing the expansion of technology as part of our instructional program.
  • A grant from the CSJ Educational Network gave us $10,000 in support of our marketing efforts. This grant has provided us with the funds to upgrade our website, expand our marketing efforts and improve our informational flyers.
  • We are working out the details of a new grant to expand, improve our science curriculum and fund a designated science lab.
  • The St. Patrick Discovery Garden continues to provide opportunities for all grade levels to explore the natural world and develop a better understanding of healthy eating while watching their food grow.

As we celebrate our accomplishments, we need to keep in mind that since Father Burns, O.S.A. first opened St. Patrick School in 1944 it has served the parish in the Spirit of Augustinian Charisms. We welcome all, educating the whole child, mind, body and spirit. We give thanks for our great traditions and pray for sustained success as we continue our ministry of Catholic education. We are proud of our parish school and appreciate your continued support in helping us get even better.