STEM LAB! Coming Soon!

We have some exciting news to share with you all! If you haven’t already heard, our school received $8,400 in restricted funds to be used for new sports uniforms, Chromebooks, and a project we all have been really excited about here –a STEM lab!

What’s a STEM lab? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Here at St. Patrick School, we are always looking for opportunities to foster educational growth in areas that are not only of interest for the students and in subjects in which they prosper, but we also seek new methods to challenge them and better equip them for the future. In a world that is increasingly technological and interested in advancements in the sciences, our students will have the opportunity to explore the basic building blocks of that world and see where their talents and imaginations will take them.

Our STEM lab will be supplemental to their Science curriculum and will encourage opportunities to explore things via hands-on learning. Much like being able to hold a paint brush to a canvas in Art class or physically play the strings of a guitar in Music class, this STEM lab will allow students to experience STEM at their finger tips. We believe the hands-on experience will complement their studies in the classroom and help the learning process.

St. Patrick School has always invested in the future of our students and in making sure they have quality opportunities to learn and grow as individual Christian citizens and as future high-achieving professionals. With classes like Art, Music, and Spanish, and with our future supplemental STEM lab, we can guarantee that our students are walking away from our school well-rounded in their education and upbringing.

We thank you all for allowing us the opportunity to educate your children and for being part of our rich history for the past 75 years here in North Park. We pray that this STEM lab acts as a catalyst for future endeavors our school embarks on. If you are as big of a fan as we are about the good things happening at St. Patrick School, we encourage you to spread the word to all your friends! Invite them to our Open House (details can be found here). Invite them to take a tour of the school! Show them what St. Patrick School means to you and your family!